What is a Catechism?

Simply put, a catechism is a document specially crafted for the express reason of memorizing Christian doctrine. It is a practice carried on by fewer and fewer believers nowadays, to the detriment of the holy church. Using questions and answers, the practice of catechesis encourages families to come together and commit theological concepts to memory, making their faith more than mere thoughtless exercise.

WHY DO WE NEED catechesis?

In the Christian life, there are many questions that arise. While catechesis cannot answer all of a child's or adult's questions, it can surely help to answer the most important ones while also opening the door to future dialogues about spiritual living. It also gives a solid foundation for our faith that is firmly rooted in scripture.

Why New City Catechism?

While there are a great many time-tested catechisms that one wouldn't be faulted for committing to memory, there are two advantages we've come to appreciate in the New City Catechism: Its brevity and its modern usage of language. Older catechisms were typically longer and spoke in a more archaic manner. The New City Catechism was written with these very issues in mind.

What do I do?

There are 52 questions and answers in the New City Catechism; one for each week of the year. As a church, we're committed to going through the Catechism in our homes together, starting with question one in January and ending with question fifty-two at the end of December. Each week, the hope is that there would be dialogue in each family's home regarding each question and its corresponding answer. The church posts the weekly catechism online, as well as going through it during worship.